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These are the personal trainers of the Active Club The Hague

  • Rogier Platvoet

    Owner and Personal Trainer

    Rogier Platvoet

    Owner and Personal Trainer

    Owner from the start in 1998. Did his training at the Academy for Physical Education.

  • Paula Steenland

    Personal Trainer

    Paula Steenland

    Personal Trainer

    A constant factor in the Activce Club Den Haag. Studied at the CIOS. Certified trainer.

  • Ferry Bakker

    Personal Trainer

    Ferry Bakker

    Personal Trainer

    Completed his education in Sportmanagement, Fitvak A and B and NASM, and he uses in all aspects of your training

  • Romano Lageweg

    Personal Trainer

    Romano Lageweg

    Personal Trainer

    A specialist in the latest training principals, his exercises are new and refreshing.

  • Ayla Kishna

    Personal Trainer

    Ayla Kishna

    Personal Trainer

    As a top trainer she does not fear a heavy training style. But any style is possible.

  • Danijel Mihajlovic

    "Quality of the training and the facilities are absolutely stellar, and the trainers keep up with the latest training methods."

    Danijel Mihajlovic
  • Susan Phillips

    " Like many people, I was a bit of a “gym-o-phobe” at the beginning. "

    Susan Phillips
  • Arlene Ogston

    "The Active Club has helped me to achieve goals and a general level of fitness beyond my expectations."

    Arlene Ogston
  • Donna Baxter

    "It is a clean well equipped facility. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. It is easy to get to, right by the World Forum"

    Donna Baxter
  • Isabella Chen

    "Trainers are excellent and enthusiastic about helping you reach your training goals."

    Isabella Chen
  • Stian Holen (Norway)

    "Of the six fitness centres in five countries that I have used in 20 years, ActiveClub Den Haag is the best. "

    Stian Holen (Norway)