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Dietitian The Hague

NutriWay Ortho Diëtist in The Hague

NutriWay is a professional, evidence-based nutritional practice. You can receive nutritional and lifestyle advice that meets your personal situation.She has been working with the Active Club since 2015 and guides clients and / or companies in the field of health and vitality.

Meet nutritionist Wayda

Wayda is a nutritionist, also orthomolecular therapist (holistic method), Sportfasting coach and PowerSlim coach. 

Dietitian The Hague

website:         www.nutriway.nl

Phone:           06 303 80 503

e-mail:            info@nutriway.nl


Benefits of personal guidance

• Achieve your goals faster

• Total approach to both your lifestyle and eating habits

• Personal guidance at your home or at our location

• Personal contact via telephone, e-mail and social media

Free Health-check
If you are new to the Active Club, you will receive a free health check at NutriWay.

A measurement of the weight, fat percentage, muscle mass, abdominal fat and your metabolic age.

Reimbursement for health insurance

Dietary advice is included in the basic health insurance package and everyone is reimbursed 3 hours a year. The additional healthcare insurance can provide additional hours of reimbursement. Take into account the ‘’Eigen Risico’’ of the Dutch insurance companies, this is your own contribution. Children under the age of 18 do not pay ‘’Eigen Risico’’.

NutriWay is contracted, which means that you receive 100% reimbursement. Prices are set annually by health insurers. You don’t have to worry about payment because it goes directly to the health insurance with you permission. But if you wish, you can also pay the invoices without the intervention of the health insurance.

Intake including nutritional advice                           € 90,00
Follow-up consultation per 15 minutes                  € 15,00 
*Indirect time per 15 minutes                                   € 15,00 
**Surcharge home visits                                            € 25,00

* Indirect time: prepare administration, nutritional advice and variation lists.

** A surcharge is charged for a home visit, which you will be reimbursed if the doctor deems this necessary and state this on the referral. Prices of health insurers may differ.

Why go to the dietician?

Do you want to optimize your sports performance through good nutrition? Or do you want to lose weight, lower blood pressure and / or cholesterol? Individual guidance can be done in the Active Club, on location or at your home, during the day or in the evening and, if you like, via e-mail, Skype or Whatsapp. You can visit to improve your health, for example: 

• Improve sports performance

• Increase in muscle mass

• Organic food

• Fatigue

• Irritable bowel

• Overweight / underweight

• Diabetes (diabetes)

• Increased cholesterol

• Increased blood pressure

• Rheumatic complaint


What does NutriWay offer?

Personal nutrition and diet advice

Professional diet advice with the most suitable treatment for you!

Fittergy Sportfasting (10-day course)

Sports fasting is a training method that stimulates the liver and muscles to switch easily to fat burning. 

PowerSlim protein diet

Do you want to lose more than 10 kg? PowerSlim is a low-carb diet with a range of over 140 products for endless varieties! Please contact NutriWay for more information. 

Orthomolecular Therapy

Dietitian Wayda is qualified in orthomolecular therapy. Do you want to stimulate the self-healing capacity of your body in a natural way? Discuss the options for you.

  • Danijel Mihajlovic

    "Quality of the training and the facilities are absolutely stellar, and the trainers keep up with the latest training methods."

    Danijel Mihajlovic
  • Susan Phillips

    " Like many people, I was a bit of a “gym-o-phobe” at the beginning. "

    Susan Phillips
  • Arlene Ogston

    "The Active Club has helped me to achieve goals and a general level of fitness beyond my expectations."

    Arlene Ogston
  • Donna Baxter

    "It is a clean well equipped facility. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. It is easy to get to, right by the World Forum"

    Donna Baxter
  • Isabella Chen

    "Trainers are excellent and enthusiastic about helping you reach your training goals."

    Isabella Chen
  • Stian Holen (Norway)

    "Of the six fitness centres in five countries that I have used in 20 years, ActiveClub Den Haag is the best. "

    Stian Holen (Norway)