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The training space of the Active Club Den Haag

Active Club Den HaagYou will find kettle bells, bosu balls, suspension trainers, swiss balls, dumbells and bars, similar to any training facility that offers the most modern and innovative methods. In addition we have nine cardio machines. They range from a super-spinning bicycle to an indoor rower and a treadmill. The Active Club Den Haag also has power stations for basic power exercises. In brief, the training space is 100% equipped for all your fitness goals.

Fitness The HagueWhat do I bring for a training?

The Active Club Den Haag is fitted with all modern conveniences. Soap and shampoo are available in the showers and sauna. Cotton swabs, make-up remover and deodorant are also provided, as well as towels during training sessions. If you wish to take a shower after a training session, you may bring your own towel or rent one from us.

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  • Danijel Mihajlovic

    "Quality of the training and the facilities are absolutely stellar, and the trainers keep up with the latest training methods."

    Danijel Mihajlovic
  • Susan Phillips

    " Like many people, I was a bit of a “gym-o-phobe” at the beginning. "

    Susan Phillips
  • Arlene Ogston

    "The Active Club has helped me to achieve goals and a general level of fitness beyond my expectations."

    Arlene Ogston
  • Donna Baxter

    "It is a clean well equipped facility. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. It is easy to get to, right by the World Forum"

    Donna Baxter
  • Isabella Chen

    "Trainers are excellent and enthusiastic about helping you reach your training goals."

    Isabella Chen
  • Stian Holen (Norway)

    "Of the six fitness centres in five countries that I have used in 20 years, ActiveClub Den Haag is the best. "

    Stian Holen (Norway)