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Wellness the Hague

Wellness the HagueAfter 100% exertion you need 100% relaxation. As a member you can enjoy a relaxing sauna for free. You can also have a relaxing massage (at an additional charge).

Sauna the Hague

The sauna at the Active Club Den Haag consists of a foot bath, a 90°C dry sauna, a steam bath, two bubble baths, a cold immersion bath and a relaxation room. There are, of course, also hot and cold showers. Large towels or bathrobes (wraparound) should be worn to the sauna. No swimsuits are allowed in the sauna; Do not forget your slippers! It’s better to be on the safe side! If you become hungry or thirsty in the sauna, no problem! We specialise in a delicious fruit mix, a Nut Case (walnut, yoghurt, maple syrup and cinnamon) and of course a healthy toasted ham and cheese brown bread sandwich. A visit to the sauna costs € 25,00. It is free for Active Club Den Haag members. You may rent bathrobes, towels and slippers from us.

Wellness The HagueMassage the Hague

You may request a sports massage, a relax massage or a chair massage with the Personal Coaches of the Active Club Den Haag as well as with Active Fysio – by appointment, of course.

Chair massage the Hague

Brief but 100% powerful! When your neck, back or shoulders trouble you, a chair massage is definitively something for you! You sit, fully dressed, in a special chair. The masseur stands behind you. A chair massage session lasts ten minutes; fifteen if you buy a ten session card. Chair massage rates: € 12,50 for one session. A card for ten sessions is € 100,00. It is valid for 6 months.

Massage The HagueRelax massage or sports massage the Hague

If your muscles are bothering you, get a sports massage! For relaxation, have a relaxing massage. You lie down on the massage table undressed to allow the masseur to massage your back, arms, legs and neck. Members of the Active Club Den Haag receive a 20% reduction for either a 20 minute or a 40 minute massage by a Personal Coach of the Active Club Den Haag. Relax and sports massage rates: 20 minute session is € 32,50; 40 minute session is € 55,00. If you suffer from an injury or have a referral for physiotherapy from your GP you can contact Active Fysio directly.

  • Danijel Mihajlovic

    "Quality of the training and the facilities are absolutely stellar, and the trainers keep up with the latest training methods."

    Danijel Mihajlovic
  • Susan Phillips

    " Like many people, I was a bit of a “gym-o-phobe” at the beginning. "

    Susan Phillips
  • Arlene Ogston

    "The Active Club has helped me to achieve goals and a general level of fitness beyond my expectations."

    Arlene Ogston
  • Donna Baxter

    "It is a clean well equipped facility. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. It is easy to get to, right by the World Forum"

    Donna Baxter
  • Isabella Chen

    "Trainers are excellent and enthusiastic about helping you reach your training goals."

    Isabella Chen
  • Stian Holen (Norway)

    "Of the six fitness centres in five countries that I have used in 20 years, ActiveClub Den Haag is the best. "

    Stian Holen (Norway)