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Dit zijn de personal trainers van de Active Club Den Haag

Meer resultaat uit je fitnesstrainingen halen? Bekijk het team van personal trainers van Active Club Den Haag en start nu met jouw 7 Day Fitness Try-out!

Rogier Platvoet

Eigenaar en personal trainer

In 1998 ben ik de Active Club begonnen om de gezondheid en fitheid van anderen te verbeteren. Mijn opleiding heeft mij geleerd hoe je binnen een groep van 6 aandacht kan geven aan het individu. Hierdoor wordt het echt Personal Training en geen veredelde groepstraining. Die kennis is essentieel in de Active Club en daarin ben ik de coach en kwaliteitsbewaker voor de andere coaches. Hierdoor krijgt u Personal Training zonder een PT prijs te hoeven betalen. 

Intussen is de Active Club een centrum waarin ook een fysiotherapeut, diëtiste en schoonheidsspecialiste al jaren hun plek hebben gevonden. Mijn rol in dit geheel is nog steeds multifunctioneel. Ik verzorg samen met mijn collega coaches de trainingen, nog steeds met net zo veel plezier en vuur, maar nu ook met 25 jaar ervaring.

Ik ben bijna dagelijks aanwezig, iedereen kan met alle vragen bij mij terecht en samen met de coaches proberen wij er alles aan doen om uw trainingen volledig op uw af te stemmen. 100% committed is niet zomaar onze slogan! 


  • Haagse Academie voor Lichamelijke Opvoeding
  • Gewichtsconsulent

For over 16 years now Paula has been helping people with their quest for a healthy and strong life. But sometimes that is not a given. As she knows from experience;

Sometimes injuries or difficult moments are happening in your life and suddenly you have to learn how to deal with that at a physical and an emotional level. Because experiencing things like that can be confronting. I certainly found it hard when I was restricted to what I “could do”, rather than what I wanted to do.

Once we have established your basic level, both physically and mentally we will start to build you up from there. What ever your goals are, how ever you feel that day, I will always try to get you to learn more about yourself and leave our sessions with a smile.

If you’re willing to put the work in, put your heart in it, I’ll be right next to you to do the same.

Paula Steenland

Personal trainer

Maria Razeeva

Personal trainer

As long as I can remember, sports and being active were inseparable parts of my life. Sport played an important role in my upbringing and continues to be central to who I am.

Born in Russia, but since 2012 I have been living in the Netherlands with my family.

I graduated in sports science and became a teacher of physical education and sports, specialising in fitness, training adults and children alike. I have 10 years of professional sports in figure skating under my belt (master of sports).

Throughout my career in sports I continuously accumulated and expanded my knowledge and skills. I like power training, dancing and other aerobics styles. In recent years, I have paid more attention to studying the methods of “Body and Mind” including pilates, yoga and meditation.

Controlled and conscious movements along with proper breathing techniques are the keys to good health and well being. Everyone comes to the gym to achieve her or his own goals. Each of you is individual and requires a specific approach. I am happy to share my knowledge and experience, to guid you and help you to achieve the results you aspire to.

Since 2012 together with my family I live in the Netherlands. I was born in Russia where I grew up and completed my sport education.


  • Teacher of physical education and sports/fitness – Udmurt State University, Izhevsk, Russia.
  • PhD – Theory and methodology of physical education, therapeutic and adaptive physical education – RGUFK, Moscow, Russia.
  • Certificated in Pilates, Yoga -“ ITS”, Welness training – “FPA”.

Hello everybody!

My name is Thomas. Ever since the age of 15 i’ve been working in all kind of gyms. In my free time i love to play basketball and think about new ways to train the people.

If you haven’t tried a training with me yet, then you’ve been missing out haha.My goal is to let you leave the gym sweaty and with a smile on your face.

My specialties

  • Weight training
  • (Top) sportspecific training
  • Revalidation training

See you soon!!!

Thomas Bol

Personal trainer

Enrique Rombout

Personal trainer

Mijn motto is het beste uit jezelf te halen, en jou te helpen jouw doelen te behalen.

Ik haal veel plezier uit jouw vooruitgang en door de ervaring die ik door de jaren heb opgebouwd ben ik ervan overtuigd samen je doelen te bereiken.

Of het nou afvallen is, spiermassa opbouwen, of conditie opbouwen  ik kan je daarbij helpen.

Door mijn topsport verleden in basketbal, en mijn ervaringen in diverse contactsporten kan ik ook veel betekenen voor klanten die teamsporten doen, of contactsporten etc.

Mijn sterke punten zijn: krachttraining, conditie, en mobiliteit.

Ik hoop je gauw te zien in onze gym.


‘As a lifelong surfer and kitesurfer a well functioning body is key to enjoy the hours in the ocean to the fullest.

From an early age I was well aware that your body is your greatest tool. And, due to the fact that you can’t have another one yet, you have to treat it with respect

My main focus is functional training, core strength and mobility. All key elements to survive daily life, feel good and the longevity of your body.’

Ralf Schondorfer

Personal trainer

Pedro Gomez

Personal trainer

My name is Pedro Gomes I am a Portuguese Personal trainer, I’ve been working in
the Netherlands as a PT for a decade. I’ve been living in the Hague for the last
6 years and I feel privileged to be surrounded with such a vibrant and active community.

Working with people has been my passion since I know myself, fitness provided me the perfect excuse to get to know people and accompany them in their journey towards a healthier and happier life. I favour functional exercise with focus on tackling muscle imbalances and impaired movement patterns.

I am Ali. I am a Jordanian, born in the gym. My father used to be a gym owner and professional bodybuilder and he inspired me to become a professional trainer and bodybuilder too. I participated in 11 international competitions and have worked as a fitness trainer in Amman, Dubai and now in The Hague.

I enjoy helping and motivating people achieving their goals. Whatever it is. (Lose or gain weight, becoming more muscular, becoming and staying fit) I can also give you advice on your diet. Together we can achieve more!


  • Certificate of Participation in Personal Trainer and Sport Conditioning (2013)
  • Bfit Academy – Dubai
  • Pioneers Training Academy (2012)
  • Training of Trainer – Abu Dhabi
  • The Faculty of Physical Education (Degree in 2012)
  • Zaytuna University Fitness Trainer Course (Personal Trainer) – Amman
  • 2010 Personal Trainer level 1 (2010)
  • The National Academy Of Physical Culture – Amman LS Model

Personal trainer