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Arlene Ogston

When I first joined the Active Club Den Haag, my initial plan was to sign in for a few months, just to get myself back on track with working out. Then I would go to a 'regular' gym again. In three months, the results were impressive so I thought I would stay for a bit longer. Well, that was in 2007 ­ and I'm still here!

The Active Club has helped me to achieve goals and a general level of fitness beyond my expectations. I have participated in activities outside of regular training, and the AC trainers have always worked hard to help me prepare for these activities with their individual unique training styles and encouragement. I couldn't imagine being able to complete the Tough Mudder or Men of Steel obstacle courses, or cycle 800+ kilometres on a cycling holiday without the help and encouragement of the Active Club Den Haag. I look forward to working towards and achieving other fitness dreams and goals with the AC Den Haag team in the future.


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    Because of a big conference in the World Forum, the Active Club is closed fro...

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  • Gesloten van 3 tot 6 juni 2019

    Vanwege de Global Enterpreneurs Sumit is de Active Club Den Haag gesloten van...

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  • Louise

    "De persoonlijke aandacht van de Personal trainers stimuleert en motiveert enorm. Iedere keer weer een variatie aan oefeningen!"

  • Stian Holen (Norway)

    "Of the six fitness centres in five countries that I have used in 20 years, ActiveClub Den Haag is the best."

    Stian Holen (Norway)
  • Arlene Ogston

    "The Active Club has helped me to achieve goals and a general level of fitness beyond my expectations."

    Arlene Ogston
  • Isabella Chen

    "Trainers are excellent and enthusiastic about helping you reach your training goals."

    Isabella Chen
  • Donna Baxter

    "It is a clean well equipped facility. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. It is easy to get to, right by the World Forum"

    Donna Baxter
  • Danijel Mihajlovic

    "Quality of the training and the facilities are absolutely stellar, and the trainers keep up with the latest training methods."

    Danijel Mihajlovic
  • Susan Phillips

    " Like many people, I was a bit of a “gym-o-phobe” at the beginning. "

    Susan Phillips
  • "Ook ik had moeite met die 1e stap, maar dankzij de persoonlijke begeleiding van de Active Club voel ik me nu beter dan ooit. "

  • Lisa

    "Goede behandelingen die doeltreffend zijn. En er wordt echt met je mee gedacht om blessures te voorkomen."

  • "Ze luistert heel erg goed, is oprecht en geïnteresseerd, is eerlijk en heeft een heel zorgzaam karakter"